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Metronidazole side effects and Uses |

Metronidazole Side Effects

You must consult your doctor before taking metronidazole. Your doctor must prescribe this medicine based on your physical condition.


metronidazole side effects and Uses
metronidazole side effects and Uses 

If you have an infection in your new body after taking metronidazole, or if you have a reaction, stop taking the medicine. 

There are some common side effects after taking this medicine.

  • nausea, 
  • a metallic taste, 
  • loss of appetite,
  • headaches,
  • weight loss, 
  • abdominal pain, 
  • vomiting,
  • dark urine,
  • skin redness, dryness, and skin irritation.

what is metronidazole 

metronidazole drug is known in the market as Flagyl. It is an antibiotic and antiprotozoal drug. Metronidazole is used to treat endocarditis and bacterial vaginosis.


So below are all the details of metronidazole. You can find out more about this medicine.

1.What are the side effects of metronidazole?

2.What other medications should it not be taken with?

3.And which physical condition doctors do not prescribe this medicine together?

4. And what are the rules of proper eating?

5. And in some cases, metronidazole works well, all of which are discussed below.

Metronidazole uses & Benefit

Metronidazole is one of the drugs which is used in various types of infections. particularly antiprotozoal agents used in various types of infections, 

like amoebiasis which produces some diarrhea in the patients, as well as trichomoniasis which produces veginal infection, protozoal infections, 

protozoal infections it can also be used in bacterial infections like clostridium difficile infection. 

metronidazole clostridium difficile can produce assured of the membrane is colitis which produces some diarrhoea in the patients. 

and in such a situation, we can use Metronidazole. and this drug is also used in the treatment of h pylori infection.

Metronidazole Interactions Other medicine

There are some things you should keep in mind while taking Metronidazole. There may be other medicine reactions with Metronidazole

You should consult your doctor whenever you take metronidazole as it may increase the chances of side effects with some medicines and some physical ailments.

alcohol, cough and cold syrups,

Metronidazole dosage For Adult

A doctor should be consulted before taking any medicine. There are various forms of medicine available in the market. 

Doctors prescribe the medicine according to the physical condition and weight of the patient. 

You must consult a doctor to know the rules of good Dose.

metronidazole side effects and Uses |
metronidazole side effects and Uses 

Remember that if you have already taken any antibiotics or ayurvedic medicine, you must tell your doctor the secretary of those medicines, 

then the doctors will be able to explain the rules of taking your medicine correctly.



What happens if you drink alcohol with metronidazole?

Metronidazole should not be taken with alcohol, if metronidazole is taken with alcohol, it may cause some side effects such as abdominal pain, headache, etc.

What does metronidazole treat?

This medicine is an antibiotic. It is used in such conditions as skin infections in our body, 

as well as infections in the mouth such as infections in the teeth or going. 

It is most effective in bacterial vaginosis and pelvic inflammatory disease.

What is metronidazole 500mg tablet used for

Metronidazole 500mg tablet is prescribed by doctors for the elderly. 

This medicine is commonly used for diarrhea (amoebiasis which produces some diarrhea).

 Metronidazole 500mg tablet is given for the elderly.

Metronidazole side effects and Uses 

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